Reiki Bliss

60 MINUTES $95 • Triple bliss package $265

Each Bliss Session is a combination of Reiki, Infiniqi Medical Qigong and guided meditation. I utilize knowledge from both practices as well as specific pressure points from Chinese Medicine that allow clients to experience powerful mind,body and spiritual tension release and clarity. Group rate for private sessions of 4 hours are available: prices vary. 


Long Distance Reiki

30 minutes $55

Long Distance Reiki is the perfect option for those wanting Reiki Bliss in the comfort of their own home. Long distance Reiki is performed over the phone and includes guided meditation, energetic center balance and assisted breath work. It’s the perfect option for those wanting to devote a ritual towards setting time aside for themselves and their mental, emotional, physical health. Long Distance Reiki is the perfect opportunity to create a space devoted to your practice.

Private Group Reiki Bliss Experience
(2 or more)

Email to discuss duration & pricing



Phoenix Coaching

Phoenix coaching with Felicia is cultivated to help those who are ready to take or already taking the steps towards shedding past beliefs and stories and walking the steps towards knowing and loving themselves fully. This program is created to help people devote ritual and regular time towards their personal growth and development through 6 weeks of one on one sessions with Felicia. This is for the Warriors who are unafraid to dig deep into their personal abyss and come back out the Phoenix.



  • 6 weeks of 1 hour Soul Sessions with Felicia via Skype

  • A Customized Ritual that fits your personality and lifestyle

  • 6 Audio Guided Meditations


  • We will discover and dig into what I call your manual

  • We will examine your “story” and how it is currently playing out in your life

  • We will rewrite beliefs

  • We will identify & accept parts of you unknown

  • We will uncover why you are here & how to better serve your purpose

  • We will create the steps towards your passion