My healing journey began in a state of tears and frustration. I was given the sudden inspiration to take whatever steps needed to change my life for the better because I found myself in an environment that no longer matched my desires and I was at a plateau. I decided there was more for me to experience and I was going to do anything needed to get to a better place. I soon entered Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in 2013 in Norman Oklahoma and the philosophy of mindfulness drastically changed my perspective on the world. The philosophy of the sutras, 8 limbs of Yoga and the power of meditation made me hooked on learning as much as I could about the true capacity of our mind. Along the way I studied and become certified in the tools of meditation, yoga, breathwork, energy healing and currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. A large portion of my healing journey has been centered around acknowledging and unconditionally love the parts of myself that felt ashamed, guilty, unworthy and fearful. Letting my past go has been the most powerful medicine that’s allowed me to step fully into my most powerful position, the present moment. My intention for every interaction is to create an atmosphere for healing that allows a deeper dive into the depths of you creating an environment of unconditional acceptance allowing the individual to reach new personal heights in their mind, body, spiritual health.




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