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Nature Nurture

Reiki Bliss • Spiritual Coaching




Nature Nurture reflects the dualistic and infinite nature of Yin and Yang.

Our mission is to bring focus to the third unifying element, energy.

We create health and education around the importance of becoming familiar with our energy body and its effect on our mind, body and spiritual health. We aspire to inspire those seeking new levels of authenticity through health, education and tools created to help you live your highest version.






My goal for every client is to create a clear picture of the state of your internal and external world and it’s reflection on your health. For example, Bliss Sessions on the surface level can administer a deep level of relaxation of the muscles and tendons of the body as well as create change within the mental/emotional components of your health and healing.

Phoenix Coaching is an intimate one-on-one experience that allows a deeper dive into learning the deeper parts of yourself and creating the steps towards your purpose for being here. We will acknowledge and release past beliefs while creating a new foundation where you can begin to build from.

I find that most of my clients are seeking a deeper state of clarity and physical balance, so the nature of my work is predominantly tying the energetic, mental, emotional and physical worlds into one.



If I could give a zillion stars I would! Felicia’s energy is full of love and healing warmth. The space she creates is very calming and tranquil. She is very informative and helped guide me though the session. When the session was over I felt very zen and tingling with bliss. I am already looking forward to the next session.
My talks with Felicia over the past several months have been really productive and eye opening. I felt more able to freely express my thoughts and feelings, notice the dualities in my life, and to become in touch with my intuition. She truly is a healer and a positive influence on everyone she comes in contact with ♥️

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